I attended my very first Yoga Class at the age of 9. What I remember most is the lion pose....sticking out my tongue and going 'ahhhhhh'!

It was many moons later that I stepped into my next yoga class, during a period of training as a professionel dancer in New York. When I returned to Germany I began to integrate Yoga more into my daily life. It was a process where my whole being kept telling me mmm.... this is good.....we should do more! The more I explored the different styles, the more it became part of my life. Even now as a teacher this process continues. It is richer, as it reaches many more levels than just the physical. It has become a infinite journey of self-exploration and I am incredibly thankful to all the teachers & participants who continue to inspire me on a daily basis. 

'Alexandra took me by her hand and carefully taught me how to move, breath and feel the joy of Yoga. She always invited me to take the next step – gently and patient, never pushing me. Her inimitable way of teaching, her professionalism and her genuine and warm smile have been crucial on my journey to reconnect with my intuition. Calling Alexandra my yoga teacher is invaluable and a very special gift.'

Kristin-Alena Sadowski 

„Everytime when I see Alexandra, her smile makes me smile! In her class you can feel her perfectionism but she never forgets to smile! It is a rare combination of kindness and professionalism. I highly recommend her class!“


Meister Young-Ho Kim 

Inside Yoga 

"Alex was one of my first Yoga teachers in Frankfurt. She inspired me to look more deeply into Yoga. Her genuine way of integrating her own philosophy of life with the Yoga philosophy impressed me then and now. She fuses the energetic, creative flow of Vinyasa Flow with her experience as a dancer. Her integrated, yet light-hearted approach invites everyone to enjoy her classes. I am proud and happy to be one of her students."



Martina Wohlers 

" The moment I met Alex in my yoga class in Frankfurt almost a decade ago, I knew she was a very special person. She had a beautiful yoga practice, but what stood out for me is her spark and her genuine ability to connect with others. She is as beautiful inside as outside, and I am thrilled that she is sharing her love of yoga with others. Alex is a gifted teacher who is compassionate, caring and inspiring, and I wish I could take class with her!"


Ursula Cox 

Inner Power Yoga VA, USA